Merging private capital investment with underserved communities to bring ultra highspeed Fiber internet to those in need. 

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What we do

Investment Design

FCP has built a unique capital structuring solution to merge underserved communities in need of fiber to the home broadband with private investment dollars.

Community Collaboration

FCP seeks underserved communities in need. Once found, our private capital coupled with the operational expertise of our Partners provides turnkey fiber to the home solutions.  


Analyze. Fund. Build

FCP works closely with our partner businesses to analyze and design each build. Once agreement is reached amongst all parties, funding is released and building commences. 


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Our Business

FCP has created and developed a series of private alternative funds that fuel Fiber impact investments in markets deemed too sparse for large traditional providers. 

These vehicles provide the funding to a unique, fully operational platform business that then brings global best gigabyte speeds to communities that will otherwise remain underserved for years to come. 

Investors enjoy a yield based return for the use of their capital with strong success based upside in the form of additional yield and or equity in each community build. 

Why Work With Us?

Experienced Managers

The Management team at FCP has more than 20 years combined experience designing, building and managing capital structuring solutions in various alternative markets. Creating a world class investment opportunity whilst driving change in communities otherwise ignored by large internet providers is at the core of what we do.

Operational Expertise

FCP is partnered with Ohio Gig LLC and its world class executive group. The team at Ohio Gig has built Fiber to the home solutions for over 40 communities countrywide and brings with it the expertise to design and deploy global best internet solutions efficiently and with a determined focus on creating an unmatched customer experience. 

Patient Capital

FCP is owned and operated by members of an Ohio based family office whose focus revolves around community impact investment. With a patient capital approach, FCP seeks to serve the communities for years to come while also understanding the Investment parameters of its like-minded Investors.

Impact Investing

FCP believes that a global best connectivity solution represents an unmatched impact investment for communities and investors alike. Communities will have an unmatched ability to leverage the power of ultra high speed internet while investors will yield the benefit of strong returns on the use of their capital.